This is my weather centre. Pentium dual core 2.66 24/7 pc, fully UPS'd. Oregon Scienific WMR-968 wireless Weather Station with 3 additional temperature sensors. Boltek Stormtracker PCI running Nexstorm Software.

Outdoor Temperature station. Nexxtech (Radio Shack 63-1031) thermo-hygro transmitting on Channel 1 in Ambient Weather Radiation Shield.

Oregon Scientific THC-268 Wireless Waterproof Temperature Sensor. Installed in Pool May 2009
(First one installed and was eaten June 2008, RIP)

Oregon Scientific RGR-968 Rain Gauge. "Heater" modification done December 18, 2008

Oregon Scientific WGR-968 Anemometer. Mounted on radio shack tripod on 2nd story of house.

Antenna for Boltek Stormtracker PCI. Added to station Dec 26th, 2008

Webcam West - added July 23, 2007 (When station was still in Angus Glen). November 22, 2007 became "west view" camera on site.

Webcam West - normal view  Live View Live Webcam West

Webcam East - added December 8, 2008. I moved my primary camera to this location when the wireless started acting up, and picture quality got grainier.

Webcam East - PTZ 3 views

Live View Live Webcam West

Old school weather observation, look out window.

Member of CWOP CW8618
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Current Conditions
Updated: 11:00am on 6/28/20
Current temperature, daily max/min Currently:

High: 23.5 ░C  (10:59am
Low: 17.0 ░C  (6:00am)
Wind: Wind Gauge is broken - please click Home button for VP2 powered site
Humidity: 69%
Pressure: 600.0 mb  (Steady
Pressure Rate: 0.000 mb/hr
Dew Point: 17.5░C
Humidex (feels like): ░C
Hourly Precip 0.0 mm
Daily Precip: 0.0 mm
Yesterday's Precip:
Comfort Level: Comfortable
Temperature Rate:  1.66░/hr
Pool Temperature: Closed