Hydro Usage

Current Hydro Usage in my house Logger offline April 19 to June 7, 2018

Currently the entire house is using 2931 watts.

At this rate, the estimated power usage per day is 70.34 kW•h
This estimate is based on the current real time usage

Area of House
Watts in Use
Kitchen Lights
0 watts
PC / Office
1552 watts
Family Room / Home Theatre
209 watts
Air Conditioner
0 watts
Pool Pump
0 watts
Mac / Kitchen TV / etc
67 watts
94 watts
Basement Lights / LAN
83 watts
Dryer - ECM 2 Aux 4
0 watts
Oven/Microwave - ECM 2 Aux 5
15 watts
260 watts
Garage/Outside/Hall ECM2CH2
71 watts
Furnace ECM 1 CH2
351 watts
Rest of House is using
229 watts

 The source file is uploaded every 5 minutes, last file was uploaded at 1/19/19 8:38:37 PM Raw energy usage is monitored by a Brultech ECM-1240

TenWare software is used to retrieve the data from the datalogger. Mackweather.com uses all four core client programs that TenWare provides to monitor the Brultech 12xx ECM's tenEcmServer, tenEcmCharts, tenEcmDbLogger, and tenEcmCsvLogger (they also have a HomeSeer plugin available)